The Dual Benefits of Conversational AI: Improving Both Customer Experience and Employee Engagement 

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Kath Blackham
August 8, 2023
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As of late, industry news has been set alight by conversation centred around Artificial Intelligence, and in particular Generative AI. It seems that each day brings new headlines about AI products that are transforming industries as we’ve known them and revolutionising the way we live and work.  

In this post-pandemic world, work is being reimagined: passé workplace arrangements have been uprooted by remote work, and we are able to redesign how we approach work through the powerful technologies available to us. In this new climate, we can consider fresh ways to use tech: to make ways of working more efficient, intuitive and in keeping with maintaining a healthier work life balance, while creating better customer experiences.  

I’ve been leading teams at the forefront of Conversational AI since 2017, and my life’s work is to improve lives using technology and designing the future of work through innovative technologies that benefit everyone in the workplace. Right now, we are poised at the cusp of transformative change, and I believe it’s just the beginning of an exciting new era of collaborative working between people and Conversational AI agents.

Customer Service Challenges

Augmenting your human workforce has the potential to enhance solutions for flexible working, improve mental health and at the end of the day—create a happier team. And, as the age-old adage goes, when your team is happy, your customers are happy. According to a study conducted by Toister Solutions, 74% of customer support professionals are at risk of burnout. Customer facing jobs can be tough: working under pressure with a heavy workload and consistently long hours—these are quite a few of the contributing factors that culminate in staff burnout.  

It’s unsurprising that employee burnout paired with employee dissatisfaction has a direct, negative impact on customer experiences and levels of success within businesses. Employee burnout can be a direct contributor to a dilution of brand reputation through subpar customer service, as well as a major threat to role longevity. More pressingly, it has the potential to degrade your team’s mental health.  

Conversational AI as a Solution in Customer Service

A growing number of industries have embraced the technology of Conversational AI with open arms, and rightly so. Conversational AI technology absorbs the high-volume, low-value, complex and repetitive interactions across voice and chat channels—allowing your human workforce to focus on more meaningful and high-value customer service interactions.  

According to Forbes, UK energy provider Octopus Energy has said that 44% of its customer service emails are now being handled by conversational AI agents. Similarly, the CEO of software firm Freshworks has said that tasks that previously took 8 to 10 weeks are now being completed in days as a result of adopting Conversational AI tools into its workflows. 

Conversational AI serves as a two-fold solution. Harnessing the power of this technology has countless benefits for your team and ultimately, for you and your business. A digital workforce is highly reliable, always available and runs at a reduced cost. Ultimately, Conversational AI platforms empower businesses to efficiently scale, cut costs, improve staff wellbeing, and deliver on exceptional customer experiences.  

Achieving The Perfect Synergy: Great Employee and Customer Experiences

High customer service employee turnover, unhappy staff, long wait times and repeat calls; common customer service problems ultimately end up costing businesses money. Integrating a digital workforce within customer service not only alleviates these problems, but it also has the potential to eradicate them. 

The introduction of Conversational AI provides invaluable support to your team, easing their workload and allowing them to work more efficiently. This leads to higher levels of job satisfaction, longer retention rates and, ultimately, seamless customer experiences.  

Your Customer Service Sidekick

Conversational AI technologies are not new. At VERSA, we’ve been working in the field since the days of IVRs—the world is just now seeing the potential of Conversational AI to change life and work for the better. Adopting a collaborative approach to Conversational AI in customer service will see your customers and employees alike reaping the benefits. As businesses, you’ll be able to consider conversational AI agents as your sidekick, your co-pilot: freeing you up and empowering your team to focus on what’s most important. It’s time to maximise the dual benefits of Conversational AI: true employee wellbeing, enhanced productivity, and satisfied customers.  

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