We enhance contact centres through the power of Conversational AI

VERSA Connects builds Digital Workforces that sit along human workforces, enabling businesses to cut costs, manage growth and improve customer and employee experiences.

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Reliable digital workforce, happier human team.

We've designed a product to elevate all aspects of your contact centre: from streamlined customer experiences and enhanced team wellbeing, to reducing costs and efficiently managing growth.

Total conversational care delivered through a managed SaaS product.

Say hello to innovation

The VERSA Connects Digital Workforce handles repetitive queries, so your team can focus on more meaningful customer interactions.

1. Personalised Branding

Going beyond the static approach of defining the appropriate tone by call type, our Digital Workforce listens to your customer and adjusts their tone, language and approach through the interaction. Based on topic, customer language, sentiment and history, our Digital Workforce will ensure every interaction in aligned to your brand strategy.

2. Human in the Loop

Just like its human counterparts, our Digital Workforce are consistently learning and improving in their roles. At VERSA Connects we employ a dedicated and highly skilled ‘Human in the Loop’ team, focused on continually monitoring and improving our Digital Workforce’s capacity.

Supported by a commercial model that only charges for successful interactions, our approach ensures our partnership is set up for success through aligned goals and embedded continuous improvement.

3. Reporting Dashboards

Our reporting dashboards provide you with two key data sets – a clear picture of performance down to an interaction level; and data, trends and insights to enable continuous improvement across people, process and technology.

4. Triaged Pathways

VERSA Digital Workforce understand that every customer interaction doesn’t allow for a linear path. Our Digital Workforce can be tailored to deliver the right experience for each of your customers segments, aligned to your brand.

From delivering differentiated experiences for high value customers, to changing the approach for customers who have previously preferred a human interactions; our Digital Workforce quickly assesses all available data to determine the best pathway for each individual customer.

5. Human and Digital Collaboration

The VERSA Digital Workforce can also work alongside your human workforce, performing a range of support activities to allow your staff to focus on the customer conversation. Listening in to the conversation, our Digital Workforce can perform a range of functions including (but not limited to) opening systems and loafing customer records, locating key information and product sheets, suggesting next steps and loading work instructions.

This approach delivers improvements across staff and customer experience, as well as efficiency gains through reduced average handling time and improved speed to competency.

6. Case Handover

Where customer’s enquiries fall outside of the scope of trained activities, our Digital Workforce will hand over to a human coworker. To ensure an optimised customer journey, our Digital Workforce will provide all contextual information to their human counterpart, reducing customer effort and delivering a seamless experience.

Our pricing model is a win-win

Once you are set up, you only pay for the conversations the digital workforce handles.

How much can you save?

This simple ROI calculator quickly reveals how much implementing a digital workforce could save your business.

Cost Savings
and Benefits

  • Lower cost to serve than human workforce
  • Reduction in per seat technology licensing requirements
  • No penalties, overtime, sick leave, or annual leave payments
  • Organic reduction in support roles
  • Pandemic and disaster resilient workforce
  • Contact centre technology stack agnostic
  • Reduction in replacement training costs and no learning curve
  • Continuous improvement and quality management

A new way of working: Harnessing innovation to fuel productivity in the workplace.

Optimising Productivity: Prioritising Innovation Over Extended Work Hours - learn how to unleash the potential of your team by shifting to an innovative mindset.

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White Paper Q2 Optimising Productivity Prioritising Innovation Over Extended Work Hours

Designed to enhance
— not replace

Delivering an augmented, high performing contact centre through using the combined strengths of a digital and a human team.

Our Brand Experiences

We customise unique AI personalities to align with your brand.

Increased Capacity

Boost your customer service capacity to meet demand.

24/7 Availability

Customer service that’s available around the clock—real time responsiveness, always.

Reduced Cost to Serve

Maximise efficiency and profitability by leveraging the synergy of human and digital workforce.

Increased Staff Engagement

Free up your team to engage with more meaningful and high-value customer interactions.

Improve Staff Retention

Higher job satisfaction resulting in better employee retention.

Improved Customer Experiences

Truly omni-channel customer service experiences.

“Our solution gives people time to breathe and do their best work through building conversational AI experiences that allow businesses to cut costs, manage growth and create better customer experiences.”

Kath Blackham, CEO

VERSA Connects

Experience in Conversational AI

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Increased Role Satisfaction

By removing low value, highly repetitive tasks.

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