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Kath Blackham, CEO

VERSA Connects

VERSA Connects was created with the belief that we all deserve to have better, more meaningful conversations.

"At VERSA Connects, our life’s work is to be part of the solution for flexible working, tackling mental health in the workplace and growing the female leaders of tomorrow. To achieve this, we need to give people time to breathe and do their best work. We do that by building Conversational AI Experiences that make people and businesses more efficient. Clients choose us over everyone else because they too want to be part of the solution, and they want a partner that can be trusted to build AI solutions that are truly good for humanity. We are that partner." - Kath Blackham

Founded by Kath Blackham — CEO of VERSA Agency — VERSA Connects is comprised of both tech experts and conversational specialists - working to create a platform that gives you complete, conversational care. We are pioneers in Conversational AI – we began specialising in this kind of technology in 2017, being one of the first to do so. Since then, we have been recognised as being one
of the best at what we do, globally.

Kath's passions lie in improving the wellbeing of people in the workplace — evident within the strides she takes towards ensuring mental health measures are firmly present within the workplace.

It is her passions that ultimately led Kath to create a solution that ignites opportunities for Contact Centre Managers to improve the wellbeing of their team and reduce overall costs, whilst simultaneously elevating the Customer Service experiences that they deliver to their customers.

Our Digital Workforce absorbs repetitive interactions across voice and chat channels, which in turn, frees up your human team to focus on more complex and meaningful conversations, giving them back the time they need to foster those lasting and valuable connections with your customers and increasing job satisfaction.

We are proud to deliver on a world-leading solution that empowers business to scale, reduce costs, improve staff wellbeing, and provide exceptional customer experiences.

We truly believe that people and AI work best together. Get in touch with us to find out more!

Elevate your customer service game with Conversational AI and transform your business into a customer delight powerhouse!